Privacy Policy

Last updated: 08/06/2020

Your privacy

At Milestone Drones we value your privacy as much as we do our own, so we’re committed to storing any information that we collect securely, and in compliance with the GDPR. We will never misuse or give anyone else access to your personal information.

Information we collect

User submitted data:

When you contact us, we store certain information for our records.

Our contact form requires that you submit your full name and email address, and this is necessary so that we can respond to your enquiry. We respect that this information is private, and it will be kept that way.

The IP address that submitted the contact form will also be temporarily stored. This helps us to identify bots, spam and other malicious activity that may require blacklisting. We will never send you any spam, or share your details with others.

Any personal information you send to us via direct email is entirely up to you, and this information may be temporarily stored if there is valid reason for us to do so, e.g. if the information is relevant to an ongoing or prospective project.

Should we communicate via telephone, your phone number will be stored only for as long as is necessary. It will not be shared with any third parties or used to further marketing endeavors.

All user submitted data and personal information is stored safely and locally within our CRM system, and is accessible only to trusted team members.

Google Analytics data:

Like most websites, we monitor anonymised statistical data from Google Analytics to help us maintain and improve our services. By accepting cookies on this website, you agree to this data being collected. Please know that because this data is anonymised, nobody can derive your personal or private information from it.

The data we collect is basic, and the cookies used to store that data on your device are tiny, and can by cleared at any time. The IP address that Google Analytics associates with your activity on our website will not be linked to any other information Google stores about you.

We use Google Analytics to learn about website traffic, improve website navigation, and monitor the kinds of devices that are used to view the site so that we can improve site accessibility. With this information we care only to enhance the utility and performance of our website, and deem this to be a legitimate use of this data as outlined within the GDPR.

Without these basic analytics it is difficult for us to optimise our content. For example, we produce interactive 3D models for our clients. Unfortunately, due to their size, these models are not easily manipulated on mobile devices, and can be slow to load. Knowing the percentage of users who browse on mobile devices allows us to tailor our content more carefully, improving the user experience for the majority of our visitors.

This anonymised data also enables us to learn how long the average user is spending on each page. Insights like this help us to ensure that users are achieving their objectives, and not missing important information.

In addition, these analytics enable us to: predict server load and performance so that we can keep our site operational during busy periods, schedule maintenance at non-disruptive times, estimate the reach of our content, and reduce the likelihood of cyber threats, spam and general misuse. We feel that these are sensible and valid reasons to employ Google Analytics.

The anonymised data collected by Google Analytics is stored within Google’s data centers in the United States, and is accessible only to trusted senior team members via the Google Analytics platform.

Google Analytics operates using cookies. Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer, and the data that a particular cookie contains can only be accessed by the entity that created it (Google Analytics in this case). You are free to view and clear your browser's cookies at any time. All cookies on your system will eventually expire and be removed of their own accord if you take no action.

To be explicit, we take no interest in building user profiles that facilitate targeted marketing. We find this practice invasive. The sole purpose of our anonymised data collection is to improve the utility and reliability of our website and services.

Useful links

Google’s privacy policy:

You can opt-out of all Google Analytics tracking with Google's opt-out tool:

Changes to our policy

Policy updates will become effective the moment we publish them to our website.

Your rights

You have the right to view any information that we store about you, and to request that this information be safely deleted. We will always respect this right without hesitation. Please get in touch if you are concerned about your privacy.

Contact us

For matters concerning your privacy you can contact us via email, telephone or the contact form on our website. We will be happy to help.